“No manis” Ltd.

January 14th, 2012

The year of foundation of the company “No manis” Ltd. is 2006 and our specialization is provision of business management consultations and all kinds of related services.

Nowadays business usually goes across state borders and therefore since very beginning the activity of the company is international and includes provision of the services to the companies having cooperation partners, clients and/or suppliers in different countries, or acting as subcontractors of international holdings. “No manis” Ltd. has consulted companies not only in Latvia, but also in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Georgia.

One of our specialization areas is quality management systems, and during the 16 years of our experience in this field we have gained wide, well-based experience in implementation, reorganisation and audit of quality management systems and internal processes. Among our clients are companies in Latvia, Germany, Italy and Sweden and quality management systems implemented with our help have successfully passed audits performed by Latvian, Swedish, German and Norwegian auditor companies. Business management consultations are also very important part of our activity and we work in this field for more than 11 years. Our specialists are professionals and have higher education in Quality management, as well as certificates of internationally recognised training’s.

We have wide experience with provision of our services to companies dealing in different industries; among our clients are companies working in the field of, for example, food industry, project management, testing, measurement and calibration, training, construction, automotive industry, wood-processing industry, paper, glass, rubber and plastic manufacturing, steel industry, manufacturing of electronic devices, as well as sales, warehouse management, real estate developers and managers, companies developing solutions for data safety and governmental institutions.

In the August of 2015 the company “No manis” established the antiquarian bookshop “Gunas gramatas” who offers rarities and collectibles.

“Gunas Gramatas” is rare and out-of print bookseller.

You’re welcome to discover books that were collected in Latvia, published in Baltics and Russia. Our antiquarian and bibliophile view will help you to get acquainted and buy rarities from past as well as contemporary.

The bookstore “Gunas Gramatas” is working to meet your interest on research materials and collections in Art, vanguard design, original illustrations, literature, history, linguistics, offering humanities as well as exact sciences. You’ll find prints also from other parts of Europe not only Baltics, but the conjunctive of this collection is – it comes from Latvia, Riga.

We maintain the highest standards in the trade and look forward to providing you with the most distinctive selection of rare books, rare prints, maps and documents.