We offer:

Quality management:

  • Development and implementation of the Quality management systems,
  • Preparation for re-certification of the Quality management systems,
  • Adaptation of new Quality management standards and integration into existing Quality management systems,
  • Maintenance of the Quality management systems.

Audit services:

  • 1st party audits — independent, qualified auditor assessment (internal processes, implemented or just intended quality management systems).
  • 2nd party audits — independent, qualified auditor assessment of suppliers, cooperation partners. Audits of quality management systems and processes of second parties allow to evaluate know-how — their intangible assets.
  • Development of audit criteria of 2nd party audits (cooperation partners, suppliers, subcontractors etc.).

Work safety:

  • Development of Work safety systems,
  • Assessment of the hazards of work environment,
  • Maintenance of the Work safety systems.

Other services:

  • HR management consultation, HR evaluation systems and independent assessments,
  • Other business management consulting services depending on the requirements of the clients and our competence.

We have experience with:

ISO 9001 — general-purpose management standard
ISO 14001 — environment management standard
ISO 17025 — standard for calibration and testing laboratories
IATF 16949 — standard for automotive industry
ISO 20000 — Service Management System
ISO 27000 — Information security management systems
ISO 37001 — Anti-bribery management system
ISO 45001 — standard for occupational health and safety assessment
ISO 50001 — Energy management system

These are the standards our employees are working with on daily basis, but feel free to ask about others standards and combinations for integrated quality management systems.
Most of those standards are known in Latvia, but only our company has several year practical experience with IATF 16949 standard for automotive industry that is mandatory to all manufacturers planning serious and long-term cooperation with the worlds leading automobile manufacturers in deliveries of original parts and components.